Welcome to Urgency Inc.

We’re the marketing department you wish you had time to build. We help you build campaigns that work on both creative and analytical levels.

Even better, we speak geek. Selling a technical product you need to explain to your customers? We’ll help you wow your buyers.

Stories Worth Telling

You have stories and suggestions that will win over new customers. Let us help with you to create the content that will build your relationships with your customers.

Measurements that Matter

You need to know that your marketing campaigns are working. We build analytics into our work from the ground up, so you can see the impact of every step.

Infrastructure to Depend On

You want to wow prospects with creative campaigns, not reinvent the wheel for every project. Let us provide you with tools and education to grow for the long-term.

Why Us?

We’ve got serious creative cred — and plenty of nerd cred too.

Melinda Rainsberger Cofounder / Creative Director

Melinda blends digital and traditional techniques to tell stories that will keep you glued to your seat (and possibly afraid to look under your bed). She's a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, and occasionally returns to the school to teach. In her off time, Melinda works with the Lady Project and produces short films.

Thursday Bram Cofounder / Word Nerd

Thursday Bram has been blogging for over ten years and picked up a master's degree in publication design from the University of Baltimore along the way. She enjoys making less obvious topics interesting (taxes and git are two of Thursday's favorite topics). When Thursday isn't writing content, she's a member of PyLadies and the Young Entrepreneur Council.